October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month! Each October, you can help CCADV and DV programs around Colorado to raise awareness about domestic violence and join in our efforts to end it.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2014: Lights! Camera! Action!

Our Goal for 2014: To raise awareness about how the portrayal of domestic violence in mainstream media (focusing on film) reinforces myths about survivors and perpetrators. We hope to call attention to how intimate relationships are presented and give audiences tools to identify characters’ entitlement and misuse of power.

Most of us consume 10 hours of media a day.  Do YOU ever wonder what the message behind the message is?  Decide for yourself.  Empower yourself. Read more about media literacy.

Activities from 2014 (click on each link to find out more)

Kick Off Event in Denver
At Home Film Screening Kit
Display Posters
Awareness through Social Media

Thank you to those who joined us at our DVAM Kickoff Event on October 6! 

AP and guests During Discussion DVAM logo high res

DVAM Display Posters

Download and print these DVAM awareness posters. The QR code links to this website page so viewers can connect directly to this year’s DVAM activities and events.

Download Poster 1 PDF

Download Poster 2 PDF

Download Poster 3 PDF