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CCADV Call for Bloggers 2016

CCADV Call for Bloggers: Share your thoughts; change the world! The Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence is looking for guest and regular bloggers, and we want to hear from YOU. “Why blog?” you ask. Here are just a few reasons: Because you have something to say. Because sharing your experiences will be helpful for others. Because you can commiserate joys and concerns in ways only those who have worked in the field can understand. Because in

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Domestic Violence and the Holidays

By Abha CCADV Blogger Our first audio Blog! Listen as Abha describes how it can be difficult for some immigrant DV victims to enjoy the holidays in the United States. Some of her insights may surprise you...

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Member Programs in the News

CCADV member programs in the news: read about some of the great work being done around the state of Colorado to create safer communities for us all! Behind the scenes of Archuleta County Victim Assistance: "While many Pagosa area residents may have noticed the purple ribbon-clad lamp posts around town commemorating Domestic Violence Awareness Month throughout October, many might not know the people who operate behind the scenes of the Archuleta County Victim Assistance Program

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My own home scares me

My own home scares me. By Abha CCADV Blogger Homelessness continues to be a cause of increasing concern among women who experience domestic violence. It is said that, “92% of homeless mothers were victims of sexual assault.” There have been horrifying stories of women being forced to flee their houses in fear of being hit or abused. The story worsens with certain sections of immigrant women who face abuse. Many a times, it so happens

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A Pair for You Makes Two!

Now through the holidays, shop www.weartoo.com with promo code: COLORADO and a pair will be donated to a local women’s shelter for every pair you purchase. You'll be wearing the nicest knickers in Colorado!    

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CCR Project Site Moves forward with Advocate Initiated Response

From: http://aspenpublicradio.org/post/system-makes-it-easier-domestic-violence-victims-get-help Local law enforcement agencies are hoping to simplify the process of getting help to victims of domestic violence. On Tuesday (10/20) Aspen, Snowmass and Basalt police joined the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office in creating the Valley’s first Advocate Initiated Response referral system. The system, known as AIR, will bring a simple change. Right now, officers give information to victims of domestic violence about a local advocacy program called RESPONSE. But, it’s up to

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CCADV Featured in Praxis International Rural Digest Summer Issue

CCADV’s CCRT project is based on the Praxis, International’s Blueprint for Safety and the work of CCADV's CCRTs were recently in Praxis’ Rural Digest. For the full article, click here. "To span the vast and dynamic geographic and political landscapes of their state, The Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV) sought and received funding from OVW’s Rural Program to improve victim safety and offender accountability by working with four rural communities to expand or develop an effective coordinated

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Being a Part of the Movement to End Domestic Violence in Rural Colorado and Beyond

by Amy Pohl CCADV Staff and Blogger (highlights from a speech I gave last weekend at a fundraiser in Grand County) I started my career advocating for survivors in a small town in Wyoming, and I really miss it sometimes. I miss pulling up to a four way stop sign and knowing every face at the other 3 points of that intersection. I miss laughing at tourists who think an elk is just a large

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We need your input!

Colorado Survivor Voices on Strangulation 2015 Survey: As you know, improving the response to crimes involving strangulation has been identified as a top policy priority for the CCADV by our members. In order to do this we are seeking more information documenting survivors experiences. The survey is brief and should take less than 10 minutes to complete. All answers to the survey will remain confidential.  Ideally survivors completing the survey will do so with the

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Lost Freedom

by Heather CCADV Blogger Freedom. A word that means so much to our country. Our military fights for it every day for our sake. We stand proud that we live here. Yes, it is the land of the free, yet, if you look closely, many people don't have it. Some of you might be saying, "Yeah right! We live in America!" Victims of domestic violence don't have any freedom. They are being watched all of