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Lost Freedom

by Heather
CCADV Blogger

Freedom. A word that means so much to our country. Our military fights for it every day for our sake. We stand proud that we live here. Yes, it is the land of […]

The Oppression of One, Is the Oppression of All

(Note from CCADV: The Founding Fathers we celebrate each July began a movement and helped create America. The Founding Mothers of the feminist movement created safe places for women and children to explore a life lived without violence. They […]

Am I a Lost Identity?

By Abha
CCADV Blogger

Disclaimer: This is not one woman’s story, but thousands of women’s stories. Using first person narrative, the reader is brought into the situation.

I grew up dreaming about finding my best friend in […]

My Prince Charming

By Monique
CCADV Blogger

The worst thing that someone can do to another person is play with their mind.  This is the technique my abuser employed against me from early on in the relationship.  He targeted me […]


By Heather
CCADV Blogger

It was the scariest times of my life unaware of the next time I would get hit, smacked around, bruised, another bloody nose from an already-fractured nose,  and knots on my scalp from […]

Call it What it Is: Domestic Violence

By Wendy Oldenbrook
CCADV Blogger

As an advocate working with survivors of domestic violence, I was often outraged at how fundamentally cruel people could be to the women I served. I was also surprised by how […]

Welcome to the CCADV Blog!

Welcome to the CCADV Blog! The purpose of our blog is to create a forum which engages discussion that connects the mission of CCADV to mainstream culture and to our personal lives. We will be sharing articles […]