CCADV gives survivors of domestic violence a voice, from the state Capitol to Capitol Hill.


During the 2017 Legislative Session, there was a total of 681 bills introduced for consideration, and 270 of those bills were defeated. While clearly not every bill has a potential impact or nexus to domestic violence or to the economic realities faced by Survivors, many do. The CCADV policy team analyzed nearly 80 bills during the 120 day legislative session.

Many times we may choose to not engage in a bill right away or at all if there is not a direct correlation to our work. When we are curious as to how a bill may interact with other initiatives, or we believe the bill would pose unintended consequences for Survivors if it were to pass, we place the bill into an active monitor category. This means we wait and see and commit to re-examining our position if/when the bills are amended. Click here for the bills we watched but did not actively engage with during the 2017 Legislative session. As always please reach out with any questions you may have.

House Bill 17-1322 on Confidential Access to Medical Care

In addition to working on these priority bills, CCADV works on dozens of other bills that directly or indirectly affect survivors of domestic violence and their children, as well as the domestic violence shelters and programs that assist them. These bills involved a variety of issues that touch every aspect of the lives of domestic violence survivors and their children, including rights of crime victims, human trafficking, firearms, access to justice in the civil legal system, offender payment of victim restitution and surcharges that support victim services, criminal justice system charges and process, immigration, and children and youth, for example. Our policy advocacy efforts are geared towards ensuring safety and justice for domestic violence survivors and enhanced accountability for offenders.

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