The Rural Coordinated Community Response (CCR) Project

The CCR project will provide an opportunity for four rural Colorado domestic violence programs and their communities (project sites) to either develop or strengthen their community response to domestic violence through a local Coordinated Community Response Team.  CCADV will also provide technical assistance to all rural member programs on coordinated community response to domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

For information regarding the rural CCR Project, contact Jacque Morse, Project Manager, at 303-962-0939 (direct line) or jmorse(at)

Statewide Rural Latin@* Outreach Program

Develop culturally-engaging outreach and strengthen domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy, and safety services to rural Colorado Latinas through:

  • Rural Health Promotora** Model of Engagement program with four partner organizations in rural communities.
  • Training for advocacy organizations on cultural sensitivity, cultural competence, and culturally relevant services.
    • Need for culturally specific outreach and recruiting, hiring and retaining of diverse staff from Spanish speaking communities,
    • Support in developing customized approaches to serving Spanish speaking survivors and communities and the specific social and cultural challenges inherent in that work.
  • Program development and considerations around collective and individual needs of Latino communities whether multi-generational or recent arrivals from Latina America.
    • Prevention, intervention, and responses outside the mainstream as relevant and valid
    • Connections with relevant community partners
    • Organizational addressing of intersecting issues/realities of Latin@ and immigrant survivors

For more information please contact Kristiana Huitron, Latin@ Outreach Program Manager, 303-962-3322 or at khuitron(at)

*The usage of ‘@’ “reflects our commitment to gender inclusion and recognizes the important contributions of both men and women” – Read more

**The Promotora model is a culturally sensitive, lay health educator for the Latina community. It has been used throughout the United States to address domestic violence, chronic disease, and oral health. At the core of the Promotoras program is the recruitment of Latino community members who because they live in the community and have shared experiences, possess an intimate understanding of the community’s social networks as well as its strengths and challenges. Because of these connections and knowledge, they are well placed to function as health navigators to work within their own Latino communities to assist Public Health.