In 2013, CCADV underwent organizational changes that afforded an opportunity to evaluate and focus its efforts.  Board and staff were brought together in September 2013 for a strategic planning session facilitated by Christine Wallace Caldwell of Catalysis LLC.

Prior to the strategic planning session the Coalition collected input from member programs, staff and community stakeholders to help identify how CCADV could best meet members needs and a collective vision for a strong coalition.  The resulting information was used to inform the strategic planning session.

Participants at the session articulated a compelling desire to develop a strong, unified vision that was clearly linked to an actionable roadmap. Both board and staff members spoke of a desire to re-engage members and use this crucial transition period to create renewed energy around the vision and work of the organization. While there was agreement of the need for a plan that lays the course over the next several years, there was recognition that in light of current leadership changes a clear course for the next two years is critical. Therefore while the broader vision is focused on the year 2020, this plan provides the focus and preparation needed over the next two years to lay a course for achieving the broader vision.

The vision adopted by the planning participants speaks to the broader goal of reducing domestic violence in Colorado. This is exemplified through a number of activities, including increasing the capacity of individual domestic violence programs, providing resources to allied professionals and policymakers, serving as a voice for broader issues in the state, and increasing the public awareness.

In order to be successful in achieving its vision, CCADV must:

1. Be responsive, relevant and valuable to a diverse membership.
2. Provide visionary, knowledgeable and accountable leadership.
3. Develop a nimble and effective organizational structure.
4. Serve as a powerful coalition that is a resource to allied professionals, policymakers and the public.
5. Remain abreast and current on emerging trends and changes in the field.
6. Cultivate diverse and sustainable funding sources.

Out of these critical success factors arose four key strategic initiatives that provide the framework for the strategic plan and will serve as a roadmap for the work of CCADV over the next five years. The detailed strategies and tactics provide next steps and measurable outcomes and are meant to serve as a “living plan” that will continue to evolve in the first year of implementation.

Key Strategic Initiatives

  1. Establish and support strong, visionary, knowledgeable, responsive and accountable leadership on the staff and board.
  2. Serve as a powerful coalition that increases member capacity and represents the needs of programs throughout the state.
  3. Develop a communications strategy that highlights the work and vision of the Coalition and facilitates engagement in that work.
  4. Create a relevant and effective organizational model that supports high quality sustainable programs and advocacy efforts. Click here for more details on CCADV’s 2014 work plan.


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